• Solar Energy - An Inside Story

    Do you know everything about the only free source of energy ?

    Sun is the greatest source of energy and thus Solar Energy is the most readily available source of energy among all other available renewable and non-renewable sources. + Read More

  • Reasons to Go Solar

    Is solar a way out of all your power woes?

    India ranks among the highest irradiation receiving countries in the world with more than 300 days of the sunshine per year, on an average. Read More

  • Free power in next few years

    Want to know how it's possible?

    Solar energy also has potential to meet our electric power requirements through Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) cells. Solar radiations incident on the SPV gets... Read More

Solar Roof Top Solutions

Use the unused space on your rooftop and save up to Rs. 50,000 typically by installing a 4kw Erigeron solar power system. Generate your own power with the Erigeron Solar range of compact and efficient solar power solutions

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Solar Water Heater Solutions

Solar water heater is a high utility, low maintenance equipment that uses energy from the sunlight as a fuel to heat water. It consists of a system that is installed on a terrace or open space where it can get maximum exposure ...

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Solar Street Lights Solutions

The sun is a non-exhaustive, reliable, non-polluting source of power. Solar powered outdoor lighting solutions are ideal for lighting those areas where no electricity is availble.

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Solar MegaWatt Solutions

Megawatt solutions is a high utility modern solar solution that can be used to feed the energy hungry society or Large scale corporations. In this modern age where conventional power sources

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  • Cut the Power Cut !

    Are frequent power cuts a problem to you ?

    You can store Erigeron Solar Energy to use during power cuts. No more interruptions. If you live in a remote area or get plenty of sun, you can go completely off the grid. + Read More