Erigeron Solar Street Light Solutions

Buy best Erigeron Solar Street Light Solutions

The sun is a non-exhaustive, reliable, non-polluting source of power. Solar powered outdoor lighting solutions are ideal for lighting those areas where no electricity is availble. Even in urban areas, these lights prove to be of great utility for reducing dependency on conventional power and contributes toward green energy that reduces the carbon footprint. Reliability and long life of solar street lights is going to provide a permanenet solution for having a effictive & cheap lighting system.

Erigeron offers superior quality solar street lights from "INTEFLY", a top brand in China. These lights are constructed of Aluminium body with high-quality Lithium-ion batteries. Our solar street lights operate automatically from dusk to dawn. The controlled discharging and charging of battery increases its life.

Applications of Solar Street Light:

● Roads
● Streets
● Gardens
● Community Parks
● Housing Colonies
● Universities
● Parking

We can supply and install quality Solar Street Lights as per your requirement.