Do you have solar surplus power

Erigeron Solar Without Batteries

Grid-tied systems use Erigeron solar panels to generate power. The power goes to an inverter which converts it to 240-volt AC power that is compatible with the power grid. The power from the panels goes (via the grid tie inverter) to supply the household power needs. If the system is generating more power than the house can use, the excess is sent out over the grid to supply others. If the house needs more power than the PV system can supply, then the extra is drawn from the grid as usual.

Grid tied systems only work when the grid is up. If the grid power goes out, the grid tie inverter is required to shut down immediately.

1. Easy backup from grid power.
2. Eliminates need for expensive batteries and generator (which also requires fuel).
3. Maintenance free for a solar power system (wind requires some maintenance and repair).
4. Internet monitoring available with inverters designed to be used for individual solar panels.
5. You are providing clean energy to the grid.

1.Power outages. When utility power goes out your system also goes out unless you invest in a battery bank. This is a requirement by the utility company and is for the safety of those repairing the system.
2. You still have to pay the basic utility bill, just not for whatever power you've produced.
3. You are still using non-renewable resources when there is no solar or wind.