Erigeron Solar Water Heater Solutions

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Solar water heater is a high utility, low maintenance equipment that uses energy from the sunlight as a fuel to heat water. It consists of a system that is installed on a terrace or open space where it can get maximum exposure to sunlight. This energy from the sun is used to heat water and the hot water is stored in an insulated tank. The solar water heaters does not have any electrical connections and thus does not need to be operated manually. It utilizes the sunlight throughout the day to heat water and stores it in the storage tank. Hot Water from the storage tank can then be used for any desired application.


● Saves electricity bill as it reduces the power used in Geysers.
● Reduction in rate of global warming.
● Higher efficiency on high temperature.
● Negligible scaling of tubes.
● Less space & more economical.
● Long life more than 15 years.
● Maintenance Free.

We can supply and install quality solar water heater as per your requirement.