Reasons to Go Solar

Reasons to Go Solar

• How solar can solve our power crisis, power bill and environmental woes?

1) Rising power tariff is a ticking time bomb:

Peak power deficits and rising power tariff are complementary to each other. In India, we have a huge demand/supply gap which has resulted in upward pressure on power prices. Thus hefty electricity bills combined with growing concern for the environment has led to the explosion of solar as an alternative source of energy.

2) Strong government support:

In order to reduce dependence on energy imports and control the current trade deficit that is resulting in negative impact on the value of Indian currency, the Indian government has taken numerous steps to promote the use of renewable and clean sources of energy. To add further emphasis on solar energy growth, the Indian government strategically launched the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, or the NSM, in 2010.

3) Solar is poised to win:

India ranks among the highest irradiation receiving countries in the world with more than 300 days of the sunshine per year, on an average. Solar power generation is viable across most of India, unlike hydro and wind resources which are concentrated in specific geographical regions. Strengthening the conviction is the fact that solar plants can be built near the point of consumption and thus the power produced by the solar system generally does not account for expensive transmission charges or requires infrastructure or transmission investments.